Debate Blogging #3

10:15 PM: Bachmann seems remarkably less coherent than she was in the earlier debates. That’s not snark. She was very clear and on message in the first debate. Not anymore.

10:17 PM: Santorum says sex not an issue in the military. Ergo let’s bring back DADT … I think he also said gays and straights should stay in the closet.

10:22 PM: I didn’t realize Cain had had Stage IV Liver and Colon cancer. That’s a big deal to have survived something like that. But sad and a little sick he’s saying that government bureaucrats would have interrupted his care. Just sad.

10:26 PM: Total dodge by Bachmann on the HPV story — she didn’t say it. The woman who told her the story said it. Not her problem.

10:29 PM: Brilliantly incoherent answer from Perry on health care insurance levels — so meandering and weird that it’s hard to remember what the question was.