Commenting and Site Switchover FAQ

We’ve got the new site up and running now. And you’re probably noticing the dramatically increased site speed. But we’re still fielding questions about new features and some bugs we’re trying to stamp out. So below here’s a FAQ that should address hopefully most of your questions. If your question isn’t covered, drop us a line and we’ll add it. Hopefully with a good answer.

Logging in & Commenting

The login I’ve used at TPM doesn’t seem to work anymore. Why?

-We switched to a new commenting system (Josh explains why here – the short version is that it is enables us to do all kinds of cool, proprietary things that other platforms don’t allow). If you just want the ability to comment, you can create a free account here:

If you want to take full advantage of all the new features we’ve built into TPM – including bookmarks, an ad-lite version of the site, long-form articles and more – than you can subscribe to TPM Prime here:

I created a new account, it says I’m logged in at the top of the page, but then when I try to comment it says, “oops, you’re not logged in…”

– This is a glitch we are working furiously hard to resolve. For now, if this happens, copy your comment, logout and log back in and everything should work. We know that’s a hassle. But it’s the only interim fix we have. We hope to have this fully ironed out shortly.

If after logging out and logging back in, you still can’t comment please email and let us know what browser you are using and the version of that browser.

Even though the site says I’m logged in, when I scroll down to the comments, I still see a yellow dialogue box that says “Please sign in before commenting. No username yet? Create a free account.” I thought I was already signed in???

– Same answer as above to the “oops, you’re not logged in question.”

I already subscribed to TPM Prime, but I receive an error message when I try to login.

Please email and we’ll get that sorted out.

Where do I upload an avatar?

All TPM users now have an account page where they can upload the avatar of their choosing.

I’m on the page to upload my avatar but it’s not letting me. What’s going on?

We are working to fix incompatibility issues with certain browsers. At the moment, avatars can’t be uploaded using Safari. In Firefox, they must be dragged and dropped. In Chrome, you can upload them regularly be selecting a file from your hard drive.

Has TPM removed the profanity filter?


Does the commenting software support any HTML markup?

Yes, we support the following HTML tags: “b”, “strong”, “em”, “i”, “p”, “del”, “a”, “ul”, “li”

I can’t tell who responded to my comments, and I no longer receive a notification saying somebody replied. Can you bring these features back?

Yes we can, and yes we will. We are going to modify the commenting software to show
1. Whom a comment is responding to.
2. Everyone who responded to a comment.
3. Notifications when someone responds to your comment. We plan to have two iterations of this, one on site (a kind of dashboard) and one offsite (email notification).

Will using NoScript diminish my experience on TPM?

Yes, using NoScript or any other service that removes scripts from TPM will disable the commenting interface. It also removes most advertising from the site, which means we earn less revenue that we could pour back into the site to make it more awesome.

Why are my RSS feeds are only displaying a preview of the articles?

Full RSS feeds are made available to Prime members. If you are a Prime member, please use the RSS feeds found on your account page here.

I have another question that wasn’t answered here or need additional assistance with one of the previous questions



I’m using Internet Explorer 8.0 and the site is totally messed up, what’s going on?

We are very sorry for the inconvenience. We are working to make the site more IE 8 friendly, and that process should be completed soon.