On Message


This is sort of a side note to my post below. But tuning back in to the latest in the Christie saga, I sense a lack of message consistency.

If I’m understanding this we have at least three messages.

1. We found some bad apples; they’re gone.

2. F&#k our accusers! And watch out because we might just survive this and we won’t forget.

3. Christie still trying to get his arms around this awful thing happened. But when he does, he’s going to fix it. And he’s going to learn from it. And when he learns it, he’ll let you know.

Now, consistency isn’t everything. And it’s fair to note that Christie now has a group of similar but distinct accusations being hurled against him. In theory, maybe some are valid, some are valid and he didn’t know about and some are bunk. But assuming he doesn’t pursue my whistleblower strategy, there is a certain demoralization issue here.

Imagine you’re a Christie supporter, either at the grassroots or in the highest echelons of the party, looking for a signal on how to defend your guy. And you hear this: ā€œIā€™m trying to get my arms around an awful situation and understand it, and then address it, and then resolve it.ā€

Nothing like having confidence you’re guy is on top of the situation and has a plan.