Chris McDaniel’s Cry For Help


I’ve arrived at the only reasonable explanation for the emerging situation in Mississippi. Chris McDaniel is in a desperate battle to revive Thad Cochran’s career but Cochran simply will not throw him a bone. There may even be some Odysseus type sh#t going on. McDaniel is essentially telling Cochran, “How crazy a thing do my people need to do before you bury me with it? We broke into the nursing home. My people showed up to chill with the ballot boxes in the middle of the night after the election officials left. And just to close the loop, we put out a statement saying that we, the campaign, me, us, me, told them to go there.”

As I said on election night, the real question here, the centerpiece of the campaign is, what crazy thing with Team McDaniel manage to do next and how will Thad Cochran manage not to capitalize on it?