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McDaniel Campaign: Trio Locked In Courthouse Were Sent By Campaign

AP Photo / George Clark

The campaign sent out the following statement to local after news broke that Central Mississippi Tea Party Party President Janis Lane as well as McDaniel coalitions director Scott Brewster and another man, Rob Chambers, ended up locked in the Hinds County Courthouse on election night, where the election commission offices and the circuit clerk are located. The primary election ballots were counted there as well.

Below is the statement from the campaign late on Wednesday:

Last night with an extremely close election and Hinds being one of the last counties to report, our campaign sent people to the Hinds courthouse to obtain the outstanding numbers and observe the count.

In doing so, they entered the courthouse through an open door after being directed by uniformed personnel. They were then locked inside the building. At this point they sat down and called the county Republican chairman, a close Cochran ally, to help them get out. Eventually a Sheriff's officer showed up and opened the door to let them out.

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