Caucus, What Caucus?

We’re starting to lose confidence that the Washington state GOP is ever going to report the last 17% of the results of today’s caucus. Perhaps they think if they wait long enough people will just forget they held one and they’ll just pretend it didn’t happen. That said, let’s look at the results with 83% reporting …

Huckabee 24%
McCain 26%
Paul 21%
Romney 16%
Uncommitted 12%

First thing you have to note is that 74% of caucuses showed up to vote against their all-but-certain nominee. Romney’s showing a couple days after dropping out of the race is pretty impressive. And uncommitted even put in a respectable number. The truth is that beside Huckabee’s feeble candidate, of the remaining three, one has officially dropped out, another has said he’s shifting his focus to his congressional campaign and the third isn’t even a person.

Almost anyone they put up can tally real numbers against McCain. We’ll know how serious this is on Tuesday.