Not sure what hang-time we’re looking at here. But is Rep. John Shadegg yet another GOP rep. moth to the Rush flame, with this comment today in an interview with the Arizona Republic

Shadegg disagrees with radio commentator Rush Limbaugh, who has said he hopes Obama and his liberal policies fail.

“I sincerely hope he creates the strongest recovery possible,” Shadegg said. “It is petty to worry about who gets the credit when people are losing their jobs and their homes.”

As for Limbaugh, Shadegg said, “I think he is an entertainment personality who is an interesting factor in American politics. I agree with much of what he says on some issues, but not on other issues.”

We do have the always perilous ‘entertainment personality’ description and the suggestion that Rush is “petty”. On the other hand you have to thin gruel walk-back of saying Rush is an “interesting factor” and an expression of agreement on some issues. Really close to the line.

What say you? Do we have another self-criticism session coming?

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