Announcing PollTracker Mobile

Tomorrow we’re officially releasing the new and totally revamped PollTracker for the 2012 election. But this morning I wanted to give you a sneak preview of PollTracker mobile, a new iPhone app we’re releasing later this month.

If you’re a politics junkie, you’ll want to download this baby. In the palm of your hand, every presidential, congressional and gubernatorial poll in the country. The PollTracker average of Romney’s approval rating? The current horse race average? The latest presidential poll from Ohio? How about the Ohio Senate race? All just two clicks away.Want to be notified the second a new national horserace poll comes out? The second a new poll comes out of Florida? It has that too.

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Interested? If you’re a regular TPM Reader, we’d love it if you’d sign up here and we’ll notify you as soon as it’s released in the AppStore. We think you’ll love it. And please tell your friends.