Just a thought. I

Just a thought.

I wrote the first iteration of this post about 6 pm this evening when it wasn’t clear where he’d come in. But I’ve been struck for a while by something that happened after Gore endorsed Dean.

First, there was Gore’s endorsement. Then Bradley. Then Harkin. And then just recently, kinda sorta, Carter.

It had sort of the feel to me of Gore’s campaign circa mid-1999, when he was sitting on his lead, running a top-heavy campaign and relying heavily on endorsements by big-time Dems. It’s too early to say now.

But I’m curious what the strategy was rolling out the endorsements like that. Certainly, at some level he was reaching out from his core of support, trying to bring in party regulars by getting the endorsements of high-profile Dems. But it communicated some sort of passivity, I think. Some aspect of playing on the defensive. To paraphrase Bob Dylan, like people, campaign’s not busy being born are busy dyin’.