More on that Palm

More on that Palm Beach Post article from yesterday. It has been reported elsewhere that the chief of staff to Rep. Tom Reynolds (R-NY) used to be a staffer for Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL). Reynolds, you will recall, heads up the NRCC and one was of the GOP leaders who knew about the emails from Foley to the congressional page.

The Palm Beach Post reports that the staffer has been very involved in recent days:

Kirk Fordham, who worked as Foley’s chief of staff for 10 years, returned to Foley’s side to advise him during the past couple of days.

“He has the ability to look forward and see how things play out,” Fordham said. “He wanted to do what was right for his family and for his district.”

I don’t necessarily fault Fordham for his loyalty, but it is a little odd that the head of the NRCC would loan out his chief of staff to the disgraced former congressman in the midst of what is shaping up as a political crisis for the GOP.