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Hard-hitting coverage? We report, you decide.

As we noted yesterday, on Thursday incoming-Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott seemed to explicitly endorse the pro-segregation, anti-civil rights platform which Strom Thurmond ran for president on in 1948. He even bemoaned all the “problems” the country might have avoided if it had taken the segregation route.

Now, maybe Lott deserved another bite at that apple? Maybe he didn’t quite mean what he said? Maybe he was just trying to be nice to Strom on his birthday? That all sounds like a cop-out to me. But perhaps at a minimum he’d like to apologize or just take it back?

In any case, on Friday CNN’s Jonathan Karl sat down with Lott for a brief interview which ran on Friday afternoon’s Inside Politics. The questions? What Lott thinks about the firings of O’Neill and Lindsey; whether being Majority Leader made him happy and/or stressed; and whether or not he’s going to gloat about the November election wins.

No question about whether having the majority back would up his budget for hair shellac. But more importantly, no question about the segregation comments.

On Inside Politics the John Kerry hair story made the cut, not the Trent Lott segregation story.