Can we get the

Can we get the straight story on these computer disks containing photos and layouts of schools in the United States?

According to reports that ran yesterday the disks came from an “Iraqi insurgent captured in Baghdad last summer [who] had allegedly downloaded floor plans of elementary and high schools in Florida, Oregon, Georgia, New Jersey, Michigan and California.”

But this CNN report from late this morning says that Department of Homeland Security officials say “the material was associated with a person in Iraq, and it could not be established that this person had any ties to terrorism. He did have a connection to civic groups doing planning for schools in Iraq.”

So the guy with the disks was involved in setting up schools in Iraq? Sounds a little less worrisome than finding them in Zarqawi’s butler’s knapsack, right?

Did everyone get scammed again on this one?

And what’s with the school plans being mainly from swing states?

[ed.note: Special note of thanks to sharp-eyed TPM reader AK]