Hey look at this

Hey, look at this groovy new feature just developed by the folks over at the Talking Points IT department.

In the long history of TPM we’ve often gotten complaints – well, that puts too hard an edge on it, let’s say longing queries – about readers’ inability to point friends to a particular post on the site. You’ve actually always been able to do so. But it’s been complicated for a number of reasons.

Well, no more. See that little ‘link’ link up there by the date? Just click on that and it will take you to the precise URL for that particular post. Simple as that. And that link will stay current in the TPM archives permanently.

(There’s no super-flashy graphical gizmo connected with this new feature since the calling card of TPM is elegant design minimalism.)

I’ve also gotten a number of questions from readers about whether TPM is going to start taking donations for the upkeep of the site like AndrewSullivan.com and Kausfiles are doing. Answer? I’m not sure. That’s really not what I started this site for. But, hey, man does not live by buzz alone! So I’m thinking about it.