Shadegg: Steele Has A Lot To Explain If He Wants To Keep His Job

On MSNBC this morning, Rep. John Shadegg (R-AZ) said RNC Chairman Michael Steele has a lot to explain about committee expenses if he wants to keep his job. Shadegg also said extravagant expenditures, like a $2,000 nightclub bill, don’t jibe with Republican ideals.

“At this point, I’m not calling for [Steele’s] resignation, but I think there has been excessive spending and I don’t think it’s defensible,” Shadegg said. “The Republican party and its donors need to be doing their best to raise money and spend that money to advance our philosophy and elect our candidates, not for frivolous wastes of money.”Steele, he said, needs to make amends to the rest of his party.

“He’s got a lot to explain before he can, I think, quite frankly, receive the support of the party to stay in the job,” Shadegg said.

Steele and the RNC have taken heat this week for FEC reports showing money spent lavishly on hotels, private flights and one $2,000 bill at a bondage-themed L.A. nightclub that features topless dancers.