Ryan And Trump Almost Campaign Together, But Event Is Pulled


Donald Trump and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan may never appear together on stage in the 2016 election.

Shortly after Ryan told reporters that he planned to show up for a Trump event scheduled for Sunday, the Trump campaign made the decision to scrap the stop in Wisconsin, according to a report from The Cap Times.

“We don’t know if it’s scheduled firm or not yet, but I intend to do it if he’s here,” Ryan said Saturday, according to The Cap Times. “Here’s the point: we’re going from here to Mukwonago to go campaign with Mike Pence. So everybody’s schedule is a little bit in flux in these closing moments, but if our nominee comes, we’ll campaign with him.”

“Seconds later, a spokesman for Trump’s Wisconsin campaign alerted reporters that the event had been canceled, citing a scheduling conflict,” the Cap Times reported.

It’s not unusual for schedules to get reshuffled in the final days of a presidential campaign. Of course, the switch had extra resonance given that Ryan uninvited Trump to appear with him in October in Wisconsin after a tape was released of Trump speaking crudely about how he grabbed and kissed women.