RNC Adds Nelson To ‘Flip-Flop’ Campaign

Even though it’s cold outside, flip-flops are back in season.

As Evan reported earlier this week, the RNC is exploiting tensions within the Democratic party to compare wavering senators with Sen. John Kerry, using his “I voted for it before I voted against it” video.

Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) is the next target.

Mike Steele:

“Ben Nelson has taken part in the classic Potomac two-step of telling his constituents one thing in Nebraska and doing another thing back in Washington, D.C. Ben Nelson’s double-speak has not gone unnoticed by voters in Nebraska and now it looks like Nelson may take this double-speak on health care reform one step further by voting for government-run health care before voting against it. Politicians cannot have it both ways – just ask John Kerry. Nebraskans can spot a phony politician when they see one and they know that any vote to move the Democrats’ health care bill forward is a vote for a government-run health care experiment.”

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