Darrell Issa: People Have Crashed White House Parties Before. For Example, Me

Congressional Quarterly/Newscom

At a press gaggle just now, Rep. Darrell Issa told reporters that the Salahis didn’t invent White House party crashing.

“This is not the first time — this has happened before,” he said. “I got into the White House when my name wasn’t on a slip during the Clinton administration.”

As Issa told it, his party crash came in 1995 — before he was a Representative — at a NAFTA event held on the White House South Lawn. Issa said he was supposed to be on the list of attendees, but wasn’t on the list the gate keepers had. So was turned away at the door. That’s when he decided to pull a Salahi and waltz in anyway.

“My name wasn’t on, I was rejected, I then walked through with what I recall was the Xerox group,” he said. “We just came in en masse.”

An Issa aide told TPMDC after the gaggle that Issa’s breach did not result in a Secret Service investigation. Or, it seems, a shot at reality TV fame.