Colbert On Obama In India: Appealed To GOP Voters ‘By Dancing Like A White Man’ (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert decided last night that President Obama’s trip to India, during which he danced with students at a celebration of the Hindu holiday of Diwali, had a very important goal: “He has tried to make conservative voters more comfortable with him by dancing like a white man.”

Colbert also addressed Minnesota Rep. and “Talbots mannequin” Michele Bachmann’s erroneous claim that the trip was costing taxpayers “$200 million a day.” Colbert was impressed: “That’s 200 ‘Slumdog Millionaires.'” He added that he’s heard Obama is “also dining on Bald Eagles, using the original Declaration of Independence as a Wet Nap, and renting an airplane hanger to house Babe, his big blue ox.”[TPM SLIDESHOW: Sanest Of The Sane? Top 25 Signs From The Stewart/Colbert Rally]


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President Obama’s Expensive Trip to India
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