Christie Web Video Features Obama Audio, Christie Campaign Signs

The Christie campaign has a new Web video out today, apparently responding to President Obama’s rally later today for Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine — which features audio of a stirring Obama speech about change with video of people waving Christie signs.

If you didn’t know any better, you might think from this video that Obama was endorsing Christie. That sure would be handy in this Democratic state, if it were true.

Late Update: DNC communications director Brad Woodhouse gives us this comment:

This really shows just how desperate Chris Christie is to change the conversation from his abuse of the taxpayers and ethical lapses as U.S. Attorney which have dogged him for months and which have taken him from a double digit lead to tied or behind in the polls. Chris Christie is a George Bush, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney Republican who politicized the U.S. Attorney’s Office, had a questionable financial relationship with a subordinate, spent taxpayer money lavishly on travel and hotels and who represents more of the same failed policies, politics and ideas that the country got from Republicans in Washington over the last eight years. The only change Chris Christie would bring to Trenton would be to turn New Jersey back towards the failed Bush approach to governing which the nation and New Jersey so thoroughly rejected last year. Chris Christie’s effort to tie himself to the President’s message of change – with his own ties to Bush and Rove – is desperate, ridiculous and disgraceful.

Also, Corzine press secretary Lis Smith gives us this comment:

Chris Christie can change his tactics, but New Jersey voters know that he hasn’t changed his mind. Whether it’s his plan to give free rein to insurance companies to drop coverage for essential procedures like mammograms and autism treatments, opposition to a woman’s right to choose, or refusal to support embryonic stem cell research, Christie is extremely wrong when it matters most.