Another GOP Domino Falls In Payroll Fight After WSJ Cries Uncle

Just days ago, Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) said he opposed renewing the payroll tax cut on any basis and has voted against both GOP and consensus legislation to do so.

That was before the conservative editors of the Wall Street Journal stepped into the middle of the brawl and pointed out the obvious — the infighting is killing the GOP. Wednesday morning, on CNBC, he called on House Republicans to hold their noses accept the two month Senate compromise.

“Both Republicans and Democrats have agreed that this is going to happen and probably the best thing to happen now is just to get it over with — one more policy blunder– but just get it over with and move on because now it’s been framed as a tax increase which it’s not,” he said.

“I know what’s going to happen and I agree with the editorial this morning in the Wall Street Journal,” Corker went on. “Probably the best thing to do at this point is just get this behind us and move on and hopefully figure out a way to deal with the real issues that our country needs to deal with.”