Obama’s Last Hurrah: Whacking Down-Ballot GOPers, Trump Camp Launches Facebook Show, And Working With Assange

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October 25th, 2016

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Obama Is Relishing His Last Hurrah: Whacking GOPers Down The Ballot

The Gist: After years of unprecedented GOP obstructionism and fear-mongering, Obama has the chance to show voters the receipts.

Conway: I Told Trump His Off-Script Rants Make Him Sound Like He Expects A Loss

The Gist: Kellyanne Conway is doing her best to keep Donald Trump’s campaign message positive in the final days of the election.

Trump Camp Launches Facebook Show For Updates Without ‘Media Filter’

The Gist: The Trump campaign on Monday launched a nightly show on Facebook live with updates from the campaign’s headquarters.

From The Reporter’s Notebook

Donald Trump slammed “phony polls put out by phony media” at a Monday farmers’ roundtable in Boynton Beach, Florida, as TPM’s Esme Cribb reported. “They try and suppress the vote. This way, people don’t go out and vote,” he said. “But we’re winning this race. I really believe we’re winning.” But even Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, acknowledged that the GOP nominee was “behind” in the polls in a Sunday interview.

Agree or Disagree?

Josh Marshall: “The whole self-inflicted wound was classic Trump — broken promises, refusal to answer questions, trying to skip out on his own pledge for give $1 million. It wasn’t until late May that Trump finally came clean under press scrutiny — largely driven by Fahrenthold’s reporting — and wrote a personal check to a Marines service organization. By that time Fahrenthold had gotten a pretty good look at Trump’s modus operandi and the oddity of the Trump Foundation, a family foundation which gave out money that was almost all from people other than Trump — an extremely uncommon way of operating.”

Say What?!

“Oh, I’m sure she’s never been grabbed before.”

– Donald Trump responded to an adult film star who accused him of inappropriately kissing her and offering her $10,000 to spend the night with him.

BUZZING: Today in the Hive

From a TPM Prime member: “This contest is so strange that the models of voters may not fit well this year. With both candidates having high negatives, voter attachment is probably less strong for many this cycle. Thus Trump’s death spiral could (a) keep many of his voters home, (b) allow many R-leaning voters to break to Clinton, (c) cause many voters to panic and switch to a safe Clinton at the last minute. The real question is ticket splitting if voters switch candidates at the top of the ticket.”

Related: Harry Reid said he is confident that he has laid the groundwork for Democrats to nuke the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees if they win back the Senate in November.

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