GOP Struggles To Answer For Trump, House Democrats Protest Moment Of Silence, And Predicting The Monsoon

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June 14, 2016

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After Worst Shooting In US History, GOP Struggles To Answer For Its Nominee

The Gist: The magnitude of the Orlando mass shooting and Trump’s response to it once again put Republican senators in the hot seat.

House Floor Dissolves Into Chaos After Moment Of Silence For Orlando Victims

The Gist: After the tragedy in Orlando, some Democrats said that a moment of silence for shooting victims wasn’t enough.

Report: Trump Uses Chris Christie As ‘Manservant’ To Fetch His McDonald’s

The Gist: Chris Christie, the sitting governor of New Jersey, has been diminished to an errand boy for Donald Trump’s campaign.

From The Reporter’s Notebook

Newt Gingrich’s proposal to revoke the U.S. citizenship of Americans who pledge allegiance to ISIS is forbidden under current U.S. law. But TPM’s Allegra Kirkland notes that this idea isn’t unprecedented. Other countries, including France and Israel, have in the last year proposed revoking the citizenship of nationals who pose a national security risk.

Agree or Disagree?

Josh Marshall: “Some people suggest that all of the above means that this isn’t really about jihadism at all. Mateen simply used ISIS as a cover or justification for an act of mass violence rooted in his own aggression, mental instability and perhaps homophobia. But that’s too facile argument, too easy a way to Americanize this into another mass shooting and wall it off from incidents like Paris and various kinds of terrorist mass violence in the Middle East. We have seen too many similar examples to see this as merely a figleaf. With Mateen we see someone ripe for the plucking for extremist ideology. But would he have done this if there wasn’t an ISIS having created a ready-made recipe, mindset and narrative of heroic justification into which to pour these tendencies? Maybe. We’ve certainly seen guys shoot up abortion clinics or just shoot up their own schools. But I think it’s much, much less likely that he would have.”

Say What?!

“Look, guys, we’re led by a man that either is not tough, not smart, or he’s got something else in mind.”

– Trump hinted Monday that Obama is either naive about the threat of terror or actively working with extremists.

BUZZING: Today in the Hive

From a TPM Prime member: “Anyone in this business knows they have a greater risk of violence. In the early 90’s I dealt with that risk on a daily basis. The greatest fear you would have running a gay club was someone getting in with a gun and shooting at your clientele. We actually had worked out a plan for what we would do…just like we had a plan for a fire. I always had 2 armed sheriff’s deputies there any time the club was open. Of course, in those days we we not so worried about AK-15’s with 30 round ammo. Luckily all my friends in Orlando (some of who work in gay clubs there) have all checked in and are ok, but they know plenty of people who are not fine and many are still searching for answers as many even now are still unaccounted for.”

Related: Clinton called for gun reform in the wake of the Orlando mass shooting.

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