Seven Don’t-Miss House Races, Hannity Sorry For Sharing Fake News Story, And The Melodrama Of Fox News

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November 2nd, 2016

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7 Bizarro Congressional Races You Should Know About Before Election Day

The Gist: The presidential election takes the prize for the strangest thing happening on the ballot this cycle, but below the radar are don’t-miss House races across the country.

Hannity Sorry For Sharing Fake News Story About Obamas’ Support For Clinton

The Gist: Hannity apologized after sharing a fabricated news story about the first family walking back their support for Hillary Clinton.

Trump Camp: We’re Not Trying To Stiff Pollster, We’re Disputing Size Of Bill

The Gist: The Trump campaign said that they are not refusing to pay pollster Tony Fabrizio for his services, but that the campaign is questioning the size of payment owed to the pollster’s firm.

From The Reporter’s Notebook

The FBI is conducting a preliminary inquiry into former Donald Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s foreign business ties, TPM’s Esme Cribb wrote. Manafort told NBC News that he was not aware of any investigation by the FBI, and said that any suggestion that he is connected to Russian President Vladimir Putin or his government is “Democratic propaganda” and “meant to deflect.”

Agree or Disagree?

Josh Marshall: “Back in March 2015 I wrote this post about what I called my quiet dread at the prospect of another Clinton presidency. I have fond memories of the 90s but have no desire to live them again. As I wrote in that piece, the Clintons both have a codependent and toxic relationship with the national political press. Hillary is tight with information, creating suspicion which leads to bad news stories, investigations, on and on. The emails story is really the epitome of the ‘Clinton scandal’. At the end of the day, simply nothing there. But why were we here in the first place? Why use a private server in your own home. Republicans spent the 90s practicing opposition by investigation. It was endless and exhausting. But both Clintons had a habit of giving them just enough to work with.”

Say What?!

“The Jews run the country anyway.”

– The Trump supporter who made headlines for screaming “Jew-S-A” at a Saturday campaign rally said he was just “horsing around.”

BUZZING: Today in the Hive

From a TPM Prime member: “What do we know even now? Have we even had confirmation that Weiner’s laptop has anything related to HRC or State Dept on it? Given that Comey’s letter was before they even got a warrant to look, what exactly do they know is on that laptop, and what is just guesswork? I think Trump’s razor still applies for this: Trump had a way to rhetorically connect Hillary to (1) a sex scandal, and (2) a Muslim who gets ludicrously smeared by the far-right as a radical Islamist. It doesn’t have to be any more intricate than that.”

Related: Huma Abedin did not know her emails ended up on estranged husband Anthony Weiner’s computer, her lawyer said.

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