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Planned Parenthood: FBI Investigation Underway Over Potential Sex Ring Hoax


Planned Parenthood requested an investigation earlier this month after the clinics reported getting nearly the same visit: A young man would come in, claim he needed treatment for a sexually transmitted disease, and then reveal to a staff member that he was operating an interstate sex trafficking ring that exploits minors and illegal immigrants.

The visits all happened within a span of five days. Planned Parenthood, which is a frequent target of anti-abortion groups, wrote a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder asking him to investigate the potential sex trafficking operation, but acknowledged that it might be a "hoax."

The organization says they believe they've identified the man who made the visits and, they say, believe he's connected to Live Action -- a group that uses James O'Keefe-esque hidden camera "stings" in an attempt to dismantle Planned Parenthood.

The group is led by Lila Rose, an associate of O'Keefe's, and has been targeting Planned Parenthood with hidden camera operations since 2006.

Rose did not return calls from TPM. O'Keefe declined to comment.