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In the wake of Donald Trump’s upset presidential win, the small yet vocal cohort of white nationalists who supported his campaign are refocusing their efforts from trolling liberals online to running for elected office.

Their reasoning: If a candidate who appealed to the tide of anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim sentiment surging on the country’s right could win over voters, why not one who is openly "pro-white"?

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A state court judge in Nevada on Tuesday expressed skepticism about a lawsuit filed by the Donald Trump campaign the day before that alleged that the closing times at certain early voting poll sites in Las Vegas had been illegally extended.

The judge, Gloria Sturnam, denied the Trump campaign's request for a court order after it had already received an informal confirmation that the information about poll workers at the sites relevant to the case would be preserved.

"I am not going to issue any order. I am not going to do it," Sturnam said.

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The Donald Trump campaign filed a lawsuit Monday against election officials in Clark County, Nevada, which includes Las Vegas, CNN reported.

The Trump campaign is suing Joe P. Gloria, the Clark County registrar of voters, claiming that he kept polling locations open for “two hours beyond the designated closing time,” according to CNN.

Early voting surged in the Las Vegas area, particularly in locations in Latino communities, like a Hispanic grocery store where voters waited in lines for hours, according to reports.

Nevada elections officials deny the Trump campaign's claims. A Clark County spokesman told CNN that officials only allowed those who arrived at the polling place by the official closing time to vote. He denied that the closing times were extended.

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Federal judges in North Carolina and Pennsylvania ruled in favor of the Republicans in lawsuits brought by the states' Democratic parties against their GOP counterparts, the Trump campaign, Trump ally Roger Stone, and Stone's group Stop The Steal.

Democrats had asked the courts to intervene in what they described as vigilante voter intimidation tactics. U.S. District Court Judge Catherine Eagles, in Greensboro, N.C., and U.S. District Court Judge Paul Diamond, in Philadelphia, issued decisions Monday declining to get involved.

Both judges said the Democrats hadn't brought forward enough evidence to show the Republicans were planning voter intimidation activities.

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The Supreme Court denied the request by Democrats to reinstate a restraining order that had been placed on the Trump campaign by a federal judge in an order, an order that was later blocked by an appeals court panel. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg included a statement in the denial that noted that Ohio law already prohibits the voter intimidation tactics that the original order blocked the Trump campaign from committing.

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After lobbying local elections officials to limit the early voting opportunities that are popular among African Americans, North Carolina's Republican Party bragged Sunday about this year's decrease in black early voting turnout.

A state GOP press release on the state's early voting numbers highlighted that African American early voting turnout was down by 8.5 percent from 2012.

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Democrats made a last-ditch appeal late Sunday to the Supreme Court to re-instate a restraining order against the Donald Trump campaign to prevent voter intimidation tactics, an order that was issued by a federal judge in Ohio on Friday but then halted by an appeals court Sunday.

The Democrats, in their emergency application to the Supreme Court, pointed to procedural issues with the appeals court action. Namely, the panel of 6th Circuit judges blocked the restraining order from being implemented without giving the Democrats a chance to argue directly to the appeals court panel, via briefs or a hearing, in favor of keeping the restraining order in place.

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