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Former New York Post Publisher Funded Herman Cain Super PAC


Kalikow told his former newspaper he believed the sexual harassment charges that ultimately forced Cain from the presidential race were false:

Kalikow said Cain looked him in the eye and assured him that the allegations of sexual misconduct with past employees, which have rocked his campaign for the past two weeks, were false. Kalikow said, "I believe him.

"Herman spoke to me about the allegations and said there was no substance to them at all, and I take him at his word."

"I take sexual harassment very seriously, and I don't condone it in any form,'' he continued.

The FEC filing represents just a couple weeks of activity for Cain Connections, which was formed on Dec. 14. Kalikow made the donation to Cain Connections on Dec. 23, according to an FEC report. Just one expenditure is listed: $1,373.00 for "PAC Website/Logo/Bus Wrap."