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For Hutaree, Militia Ethos Extended To Family Life


The pictures were posted on the page of Tina Kelley, which appears to be the maiden name of Tina Stone. Stone is the wife of David Brian Stone, described in the federal indictment as the leader of Hutaree. The couple and two of David Stone's sons are among the nine Hutaree members charged with seditious conspiracy, attempted use of weapons of mass destruction, and other crimes.

The pictures were uploaded last December, at around the same time Kelley updated her relationship status to "married."

Her primary Facebook picture is the patch of the "Colonial Christian Republic," also featured on the Hutaree Web site. She is friends with several Stones and friends with "Hutaree Christian Militia."

In one group shot, she is shown with several men in fatigues -- including a man who appears to be David Stone -- along with a woman in formal wear, all wielding assault rifles. Behind them is the flag of Hutaree and a Gadsden flag, a classic symbol of the movement.

Tina Kelley also holds a bouquet and wears a white veil.

The group posed in front of military-style camouflage netting.

Here they are, followed by the mugshot of Tina Stone.

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