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White Supremacist Craig Cobb Is Told A DNA Test Shows He's Part African (VIDEO)

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The results? According to host Trisha Goddard of the "Trisha Goddard" show, Cobb is 14 percent African.

A clip of the "Trisha Goddard" episode, which is set to air Monday, has already been put online. It shows Cobb reacting dismissively to the news that his DNA had showed genetically he is "86 percent European" and "14 percent sub-Saharan African."

He called the number "statistical noise," adding "oil and water don't mix." 

Goddard laughed as she told Cobb "you have a little black in you" and extended her arm to bump Cobb's fist, saying "so there you go bro." Cobb rejected the gesture.

Cobb told the Bismarck Tribune that he'll submit to more DNA tests for comparison and will make the results public.

"I had no idea or I wouldn't have gone and done that and I still don't believe it," he said.

Watch a clip of the show, courtesy of the UK Daily Mail: