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WaPo: No, We're Not Reporting Obama and Beyonce Are Having An Affair

AP Photo / Win McNamee

Paparrazo Pascal Rostain claimed the the Washington Post was planning to report on an alleged affair between the President and the frequent White House entertainer, according to a report published Monday in French newspaper Le Figaro.

“I can assure you the whole world will be talking about this,” Rostain said, as quoted by Poynter.

As The Wire points out, Le Figaro probably gave Rostain's claims weight because he once lent his apartment to Hollande's ex-girlfriend Valerie Trierweiler for one of their secret meetings.

But Washington's paper of record quickly threw cold water on the Obama-Beyonce rumor.

Post spokesperson Kris Coratti told Poynter via email that it's "definitely not true" the newspaper had plans to publish a story on the affair Rostain alleged.

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