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Gallup: Two-Thirds Of Americans Not Satisfied With Wealth Distribution

AP Photo / Mike Groll

Fifty-four percent of Americans are satisfied with the opportunity in the country "to get ahead by working hard." According to Gallup, this number has been steady over the past three years, but remains much lower than before the recession in 2008, when about two thirds of Americans were satisfied with their ability to get ahead.

Satisfaction with the ability to get ahead is split evenly among Democrats and Republicans, unlike with happiness with income and wealth distribution. Sixty percent of Democrats and 61 percent of Republicans were satisfied with ability to get ahead. Only 45 percent of Independents were satisfied.

Gallup surveyed 1,018 adults via phone Jan. 5-8 with a margin of error plus or minus four percentage points.

Correction: This post initially identified the survey as Pew.