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HBO's 'True Blood' Really Did Try To Cast Sarah Palin In A Cameo Role

AP Photo / Ron Sachs

"Sarah Palin was one of several Republican figures brought up in discussions regarding episode 5 of 'True Blood,'" HBO spokeswoman Kelley Carville said Thursday in a statement to TPM. "Casting directors for the show reached out to Ms. Palin's representative but did not receive a response."

Palin revealed Tuesday that she had once turned down a cameo role on the show. Her comment came after an episode aired Sunday depicting a fictional, blood-soaked GOP fundraiser in honor of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), drawing ire from the real-life senator.

The former Republican vice presidential nominee said the network didn't present its offer "in any negative way." But Palin said she still thinks she was offered a bit part "so they could insult a conservative woman in person instead of just all conservative women in general."

"Had Sarah Palin come on the show she would have been treated with the same level of dignity and respect all of the show’s actors are and would have been privy to the script in advance of filming," HBO's Carville said.