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GOP Senator Questions If Sebelius Replacement Will Serve Obama Or The People

AP Photo / Susan Walsh

"The questions that we have to get to, however, is whether or not Director Burwell will be serving for the President of the United states, with his agenda as the primary objective, or will she get into the details of the numbers, and she’s honestly strong on the numbers, and figure out whether seven million people actually signed up and paid, or whether, as other independent sources suggest, that we’ve had fewer than 5 million signed up and paid, as well as looking at the fact that when you have 6 million cancellations, and 7 million signed up by the President’s suggestions, that what is the actual number of those who signed up and paid," Scott asked.

He added that he needs to better understand "her approach to making sure that the American people are the primary objective and not politics," when it comes to Obamacare.