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Texas Ed Board Candidate Who Fathered Child At 16 Opposes Sex Ed


“I’m for that," he said about a Ten Commandments display, "realizing not every child is going to have a Christian background but our country as a whole, we stem from the Judeo Christian values."

Mahroum, an operations manager at a concessions company, is challenging incumbent Republican Pat Hardy, who told KERA that "knowledge is power" when asked about sex education and contraception. Hardy is a former social studies teacher and curriculum strategist.

While Texas requires schools to teach students about contraception, the textbooks used still preach abstinence, Dan Quinn of the Texas Freedom Network told KERA. He said that after this election, the state board will address sex education textbooks and how much students learn about contraception.

Mahroum has been endorsed by multiple creationist and anti-evolution current and former members of the State Board of Education, according to TFN Insider.

Image via Eric Mahroum on Facebook

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