Ted Nugent Calls Obama A ‘Chimpanzee,’ Says Hillary Has ‘Spare Scrotums’ (VIDEO)

Ted Nugent’s latest piece of political commentary is pretty out there, even by his typically bizarre standards.

You might expect a Nugent interview with Guns.com to produce some inflammatory rhetoric, and the right-wing rocker didn’t disappoint.

He called President Obama a “subhuman mongrel” and “chimpanzee.” Hillary Clinton, Nugent said, has “spare scrotums.”

Although Nugent had some harsh words in the interview for Republicans
(“They wouldn’t know how to sell a blanket to a naked man in the blizzard”), he’s been embraced by much of the GOP. Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX) invited Nugent to last year’s State of the Union address. As Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher reminded us, Mitt Romney actively sought Nugent’s endorsement.

Nugent infamously said in 2012 that he’d be “dead or in jail” within a year if President Obama won re-election, a premonition that never materialized.


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