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WaPo Scrubs Cartoon Depicting Ted Cruz's Daughters As Trained Monkeys

Washington Post

Pulitzer-prize winning cartoonist Ann Telnaes had tweeted out the cartoon, which showed Cruz's daughters depicted as monkeys after they were featured in an advertisement for the presidential hopeful.

Telnaes has since deleted the tweet that showed the cartoon, but not before Cruz caught it:

Fred Hiatt, the Post's editorial page editor removed the cartoon from the newspaper's website Tuesday and added an editor's note that said that he had not seen the image before it was published online.

"It’s generally been the policy of our editorial section to leave children out of it," Hiatt wrote. "I understand why Ann thought an exception to the policy was warranted in this case, but I do not agree."

Cruz later launched an "emergency" campaign to fundraise against the "liberal media" he said attacked his daughters. CNN host Jake Tapper tweeted a picture of the fundraising email:

Rivals Donald Trump and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) also decried the cartoon: