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Tea Party Group Denies Endorsing Stockman Despite Praising Him

AP Photo / Cliff Owen

In a letter posted on his website on Sunday, Stockman said that he had been endorsed by Tea Party Patriots. The letter has since been taken down.

Jenny Beth Martin, president of the Tea Party Patriots (pictured), denied that the group ever endorsed him.

"In the contest for the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate in Texas, Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund has not endorsed any candidate for office, nor have I done so personally," Martin said in a statement to Breitbart Texas flagged by Newsmax. "We compliment members of Congress when they uphold the Constitution, or their record in office indicates that they have voted in a manner that reflects our positions on issues."

In December Martin told WorldNetDaily that Stockman had "proven himself to be a fighter for freedom who votes in the House of Representatives based on constitutional principles. We need more senators who will do the same."

Stockman was defeated handily by Cornyn in Tuesday's primary.