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Suggestive Campaign Warns Students Cuccinelli 'Wants To Make Oral Sex A Felony'

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“Get your head in the game,” read one.

"Don't let Election Day go down without you," read another.

The posters, sponsored by the Democratic Party of Virginia and put up by the University's Young Democratic Club, alluded to Cuccinelli's effort to revive Virginia's anti-sodomy law, an appeal that the Supreme Court refused to hear.  

Recent polls have shown Cuccinelli sinking fast in Virginia's gubernatorial race, with Democrat Terry McAuliffe emerging as the clear favorite. A poll Tuesday from Rasmussen Reports, usually the GOP's favorite pollster, showed McAuliffe crushing Cuccinelli. 

After pushback from Republicans, the Democratic Party of Virginia said it's "working to remove these posters from the campuses in question, and they will not be used again." 

h/t WaPo