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Slate Blogger Reality Checks Megyn Kelly: 'Santa Isn't Real'

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In her response, Harris agreed with one of Kelly's panelists who noted that Santa is historically based on a Greek bishop. But as Harris pointed out, "Santa hardly resembles his supposed inspiration, who was depicted as tall and thin and, you know, Greek. He did not have a workshop in the North Pole nor eight faithful reindeer."

Kelly also equated Santa with Jesus, who she said was "a white man, too." Harris countered that in general, historians agree Jesus was a Jewish man who grew up in Galilee -- so he was "probably not" white.

"I’ll be fine if no one else jumps on board the penguin train and Santa remains a white man," she concluded. "But if you’re seriously emphatic that he is white and must remain white, there’s a good chance that your view of the rest of the world is just as limited and unimaginative. I mean, we are talking about a magical man who slides down your chimney every Christmas Eve. Just so we’re clear."