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NJ Lawmaker Plans To Subpoena Close Christie Aide

AP Photo / Mel Evans

On Monday, TPM first reported that Weinberg sent a letter to Schuber days after the closures, demanding an explanation for them. She said she did not receive a response. Christie was copied on that letter. Weinberg told MSNBC, she would think Christie, who has said he was initially was unaware of the closures would have been informed about her letter.

"I assume if the governor's office get a letter on Senate stationary, from the Senate majority leader, somebody might take notice of it," she said. "Now maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I don't know how they handle their correspondence."

In addition to the Senate committee, the New Jersey General Assembly has established a committee to investigate the lane closures. On Wednesday, the chairman of that committee told TPM he expects to reveal who it will subpoena Thursday afternoon.

Correction: This post has been updated to correct one reference and the headline to show that Egea has been appointed chief of staff, but has not formally taken the role.