Sen. Paul Aide Says His Old Racist, Secessionist Comments ‘Do Not Represent Me Today’

Jack Hunter, the aide to Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) who spent years as a pro-secessionist activist and radio shock jock, published a statement on his personal website on Tuesday, responding to The Washington Free Beacon article that brought his past to light.

“Today’s article that brought my not-very-hidden radio pundit background to light does not accurately reflect me or my full, or true, views,” Hunter wrote. “The role of a radio host is different from that of a political operative. In radio, sometimes you’re encouraged to be provocative and inflammatory. I’ve been guilty of both, and am embarrassed by some of the comments I made precisely because they do not represent me today. I was embarrassed by some of them even then.”

Hunter argued that the comments highlighted by the Free Beacon on Tuesday were only a “fraction” of years of writing and public speaking about conservative, Tea Party, and libertarian causes.

“I have also written columns over the years promoting African-American history and politics, and many other writings that tell a far different story than what the headlines portray today,” Hunter wrote. “Not surprisingly, the reporter chose not to balance her piece by citing any of those columns.”


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