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Sen. Johnson: Ryan-Murray Deal Is Really Murray's Budget

AP Photo / Charles Dharapak

Johnson's comments come a few days after Ryan and Murray unveiled their budget plan. Since then a number of members of the GOP's conservative wing have voiced strong opposition to the plan.

Johnson said he had not yet decided on whether he would vote on the plan.

"No," Johnson said when asked whether he'd decided how he would vote on the proposal.

"The real problem. I don't want to see Republicans divided on this. The real problem is President Obama and Democrats in the Senate and House, they don't want to fix the long-term problems," Johnson continued. "Republicans do. Until we get a willing problem willing to acknowledge the problem and solve it, it's hard to move forward with real reforms. That's the situation paul was in, trying to negotiate something. I don't want to shut down the government. They do enough harm to our economy. We don't need to do shutdowns to increase the plan."