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New Emails Shed Light On Walker Campaign Amid Legal Probe

AP Photo / Cliff Owen

“Stress that donations to WiCFG are not disclosed and can accept corporate donations without limits,” said one alleged 2011 email to Walker from adviser Kelly Rindfleisch as he prepared for a fundraising trip. “Let them know that you can accept corporate contributions and it is not reported.”

There were also alleged emails among Walker aides that hinted at the extent of Walker's role, per the Times.

“As the governor discussed ... he wants all the issue advocacy efforts run thru one group to ensure correct messaging,” Kate Doner, a Walker consultant, wrote another adviser. “We had some past problems with multiple groups doing work on ‘behalf’ of Gov. Walker and it caused some issues.”

Walker aides urged the campaign to take money from the billionaire Koch Brothers and casino magnate Sheldon Adelson. "Ask for $1m now," Doner told Walker in an email as he prepared to visit Adelson in Las Vegas.

Walker's current campaign, which is locked in a tight race with Democratic candidate Mary Burke, dismissed the significance of the emails to the Times.

“As previously reported, the prosecutor’s attorney stated that Gov. Walker is not a target, two separate judges have dismissed the allegations, and the Friends of Scott Walker campaign is not a party to the lawsuit in the Seventh Circuit,” said a campaign spokeswoman, Alleigh Marre.