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Scott Walker Tries To Debunk Claims Of 'Criminal Scheme' In New Column

AP Photo / Jeffrey Phelps

In the court documents unsealed on Thursday, prosecutors also said that Walker "tacitly" admitted to breaking Wisconsin law.

Walker, in his new column, argued that the new claims were wrong, saying that "two judges, one state and one federal, reviewed the accusations of partisans within a Democrat District Attorney’s Office and determined their theories have no merit or basis in law."

"Still, many in the media proceed as though the opinion of the partisan prosecutors is new information and ignore the truths I have stated above," Walker wrote. "It is not. It is old news that has already been discounted by two judges. No charges. No case."

Walker added later in the column that the "media frenzy" about the investigations was really in response to attempts to take on "big government special interests."

"Watching the media frenzy it is clear that this is what happens when someone takes on the big government special interests. They push back. No wonder so many politicians are afraid to make tough decisions," Walker continued. "I will not back down. We will continue to fight using the truth to keep the hard working taxpayers of Wisconsin in charge of their state and local governments. We will continue to fight to make life better for the good people of Wisconsin."