Scott Walker’s Campaign Stop In Philly Goes Hilariously Off The Rails


In Philadelphia, you don’t mess with people’s cheesesteaks.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) learned that the hard way on Tuesday while visiting two of the city’s popular cheesesteak spots, where he cut in line, left behind his trash, and ordered the famous Philly sandwich — with American cheese and without onions, according to

The presidential candidate was also greeted by protestors during his visit to Pat’s King of Steaks and Geno’s Steakson. They held signs that included messages such as, “Scott Walker smells his own poop.”

His choice of sandwich, featuring American cheese, not Cheez Whiz, and without onions, made some on social media fear for his safety.

Photograph evidence showed that Walker was unable to eat all of his cheesesteak at Pat’s, which the politician visited after eating at Geno’s. He reportedly left his trash on the table.

In all, his actions in Philadelphia made some on Twitter question what kind of leader he would make for the country.


Sara Jerde is a newswriter based in New York. Her bylines have appeared in The Star-Ledger, The Chronicle of Higher Education and The Columbus Dispatch. She graduated from Ohio University. Send emails to and follow her @SaraJerde.