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Scott Brown Confounded By Republican Who Benefitted From Obamacare

AP Photo / Alex Brandon

After being injured on the job, Richardson had been forced to live on workers compensation for a while -- a situation so costly that the couple eventually had to move out of their house. They also had to pay $1,100 a month to keep their health insurance. But now that the Richardsons have signed up for health insurance through Obamacare and qualified for a tax subsidy, they're paying $136 a month for a plan that covers both of them.

"Thank God for Obamacare!" Richardson's wife Rita said, according to the Democrat.

The Huffington Post contacted the reporter, Edith Tucker, who wrote the story. She said Brown didn't interrupt the Richardsons' praise for Obamacare and didn't react when they finished with their story.

"[Brown] did not [respond]," Tucker said. "You could be sure, if he had, I would have written about it."