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Scarborough: Lewinsky Could Be Fair Game If Hillary Bashes GOP With 'War On Women'

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Members of the show's panel were discussing Sen. Rand Paul's (R-KY) suggestion on Sunday that even though the Lewinsky scandal was not Hillary Clinton's fault, it could affect her prospects in 2016.

Paul said that Bill Clinton's "predatory behavior" impacted his ability to talk about the Republican "war on women," but Scarborough thought it might affect Hillary Clinton as well.

"Does this not compromise Hillary Clinton's ability to bash Republicans as being terrible toward women, misogynist, et cetera?" he asked.

Fellow MSNBC host Al Sharpton challenged Scarborough and said it would be a poor strategy for Republicans to attack Hillary Clinton over the Lewinsky scandal.

"Are you now saying that women are responsible for the behavior of their husbands?" he asked. "I dare the Republicans to take that to her, because if I’m her, I would dribble, hit the backboard, and score a three-pointer from way out, because she was the wife in this. She was not one that I would want to mess with."