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Santorum: Huckabee Comment On Women's Libidos Was 'Off The Cuff'

AP Photo / Steve Ueckert

CNN's "Crossfire" host Stephanie Cutter asked Santorum whether he agreed that Democrats tell women "they cannot control their libido or their reproductive system without the help of government," as Huckabee told an audience at the Republican National Committee's winter meeting.

"I think what Gov. Huckabee was saying is that we've seen an unprecedented assault by the Democrats against Republicans claiming there is a war on women," Santorum said, adding that Republicans and Democrats mostly agree on access to contraception even if they do not agree on reproductive and abortion rights in general.

"That's one of the things that's most frustrating, is there isn't a lot of disagreement on access to contraception," he said. "Whether the government should pay for it, there is a disagreement."

"I think Gov. Huckabee would probably have phrased it differently," he added. "Mike speaks off the cuff, as some of us are known to do, and probably would have chose different words to communicate that."

Watch below, courtesy of CNN:

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