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Christie Official: Most Sandy Aid Went To Hoboken Residents, Not The City

AP Photo / Charles Sykes

"There were reports in the media ... that there was very limited disaster recovery funding that made it was way to Hoboken and I was really, folks, scratching my head," said Ferzan.

The "roughly $70 million" in aid to Hoboken came largely from federal agencies including: $43 million from FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program to homeowners and businesses in the city, $8.5 million in Small Business Administration loans, and nearly $6.3 million given to city residents through FEMA's individual assistance program. The federal money largely went to individual residents and businesses apart from approximately $2.14 million that the Federal Transit Administration provided for projects in the city.

Ferzan identified $388,000 that came state programs and of that, he said, $342,000 went to the Hoboken city government.

On the call, Ferzan was asked about the fact the vast majority of the aid money was directed towards individuals and businesses.

"Most of the programs are targeted to the individual," said Ferzan. "Very few programs beyond the FEMA public assistance grant process we've been able to allocate to communities on a large scale."