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GOP Senator: Hillary Part Of Benghazi Cover-Up To Blame Anti-Islamic Video

AP Photo / Jeffrey Phelps

He then bashed Clinton for the way she dealt with the aftermath of the Benghazi attack, referencing a claim made by one of the victim's father that Clinton told him they were working to arrest the producer of the video.

"You know, if you were Secretary of State, given the responsibility to go to Andrews Air Force Base, to welcome home the remains of those four Americans, would you do your duty and offer the condolences of a nation? Or would you seize that moment, that opportunity, to plant and perpetuate a cover up? I mean, that is a craven, political act, because that’s what she did with Tyrone Woods’ father, and basically saying, 'We’re going to get that video producer, we’re going to make sure he’s arrested.' Again, that’s just a craven, political act," Johnson said on Wednesday.

When asked by Hewitt if he felt Clinton's action at the State Department should keep her from running for president, Johnson said her statement to Woods' father "alone" disqualify her.

Correction: This post originally stated that Sen. Ron Johnson represents South Dakota. He represents Wisconsin.