Romney Is ‘For The Ryan Plan,’ Top Adviser Says

Eric Fehrnstrom, a top campaign adviser for Mitt Romney, tied the Republican presidential nominee to the GOP’s budget plan by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI).

Fehrnstrom’s exchange with George Will Sunday on ABC’s “This Week”:

WILL: Where does the governor stand, Governor Romney, on the Ryan plan?  Does he endorse it? 

FEHRNSTROM: Oh, he’s for — he’s for — he’s for the Ryan plan.  He believes it goes in the right direction.  The governor has also put forward a plan to reduce spending by $500 billion by the year 2016.  In fact, he’s put details on the table about how exactly he would achieve that.  So to say he doesn’t have a plan to — a plan to restrain government spending is just not true.  


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